INTRO Share Grant

The HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project at Kalamazoo College wants to support STEM faculty at K to share, learn from and implement effective, inclusive pedagogical practices already in use by our colleague instructors in introductory courses at K.  Toward that goal we announce the INTRO Share Grant program. The INTRO Share Grant comes in two stages:

  1. Discovery, ObservationReflection and Sharing $500 stipends to proposer and the instructor of the targeted course.
  1. Spend the needed time to understand the topic you’ve chosen in as much detail as possible.  That will almost certainly involve class visit(s), meeting(s) with the identified faculty colleague, consulting appropriate literature of inclusive pedagogy, etc.
  2. Decide whether the element you’ve identified is feasible for your implementation.
    1.  If not, complete part A of the award requirements by writing a report (co-authored by the instructor of the target course) to the HHMI INTRO team about what you’ve learned (see attached). 
    2. If you plan to go ahead, let the HHMI INTRO team know and proceed to part B.
  3. Implementation, Assessment, Reflection and Sharing $500 additional stipend to proposer
  1. Plan the implementation of the new element in your course with explicit learning outcomes to be addressed by the new element
  2. Follow through with that plan
  3. Afterwards, survey the students in your class specifically about their views on the element
  4. Reflect on the experience, including the student feedback, from your point of view
  5. Submit a report to the HHMI INTRO team (see attached)
  6. Be ready to share your experience in a public forum in the near future.

Information and Forms for Application and Reporting