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Kalamazoo College aspires to be among the very best colleges in the US for providing an inclusive STEM education in which all students have engaging educational experiences, ample opportunities to develop necessary skills and knowledge, and intentionally designed support structures that will allow them to excel in science. From our overall culture, to our physical spaces, to the content of our courses and pedagogical approaches we will be open, welcoming, and attentive to students from a wide variety of educational, racial/ethnic, socioeconomic and gender backgrounds.

Inclusive Excellence at Kalamazoo starts with compassionate, culturally competent faculty who are aware of their implicit biases rooted in systemic oppression and racism, and who actively engage in inner work to mitigate these biases.

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KCIE Announcements

ARRK (AntiRacism Reading Knook – Oct. Discussion

Join for the October 20th ARRK Discussion! Developed through collaboration with K-College library staff and the Kalamazoo College Inclusive Excellence (KCIE) leadership team, the AntiRacism Reading Knook (#ARRK) initiative seeks to facilitate dialogue on antiracism and engagement with the KCIE #Reading for Change book collection. Purchase of and greater access to the collection has been funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) grant. ARRK aims to…

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Introducing #ARRK the AntiRacist Reading Knook

The AntiRacism Reading KnooK (#ARRK) is a collaboration between the K-College library staff and our Inclusive Excellence (KCIE) leadership team. This initiative is NOT a book club, but seeks to facilitate campus-wide engagement with the books in the KCIE Reading for Change book collection. This collection was created to encourage learning about and facilitate greater access to antiracism information to all members of the campus community. ARRK aims to…

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19: This Month in Black History – The Stono Rebellion

The fear of Black rebellion and centering Black notions of freedom, color much of what is happening today in the USA. Early on the morning of Sunday, September 9, 1739, a group of Black men and women, who were enslaved, met near the Stono River, approximately twenty miles southwest of Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina. At Stono’s bridge, they took…

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19: This Month in Black History – John Lewis & Voting Rights

On August 6, 1965, the Voting’s Rights Act was signed into law after eleven years of consistent civil rights direct actions. While Black men were guaranteed the right to vote with the 14th and 15th amendments (1868 and 1870, respectively) and Black women in 1920, state officials and white vigilantes continued to deny this right to Black people with state statues such as the grandfather clause, literacy tests, poll taxes, and violence. State systems were key enforcers of Jim Crow, which was never just segregation but an attempt to deny Black people many rights afforded them by law. Because of this long history of voter suppression…

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Antiracist Resources – HHMI, KCIE

HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Inclusive Excellence Grant KCIE (Kalamazoo College Inclusive Excellence) During this summer, the HHMI Inclusive Excellence leadership team and library staff have collaborated to create the Reading for Change book collection (KCIE #ReadingForChange). The HHMI grant has provided funding for and thus greater access to frequently cited books. Visit the KCIE…

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