About KCIE

Kalamazoo College Inclusive Excellence

KCIE is the acronym being used to define the work of the Kalamazoo HHMI Inclusive Excellence work. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), in 2015, began its initiative to provide financial support to Colleges and Universities across the USA in becoming more inclusive in the way that students are engaged in learning, with a particular emphasis on institutions addressing racial inequities that continue to marginalize students of color in STEM. In 2017 the first cohort of HHMI IE schools were announced, and Kalamazoo received the grant with the second cohort in 2018. To the extent that STEM departments discover how to be more inclusive, this work has the potential to permeate other disciplines at an institution, hence making the entire institution more inclusive.

Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team.

Dr. Regina Stevens-Truss

Director of KCIE/HHMI Inclusive Excellence
Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Rick Barth

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Kyla Day-Fletcher

L.H. Stone Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Brittany Liu

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Bruce Mills

Professor of English