Committing to Anti-Racism Education (CARE)

Protest sign reading "Together and Stronger."


CARE stands for Committing to Anti-Racism Education. Our goal is to help faculty and staff create culturally competent, inclusive learning environments for students.

CARE Initiatives & Opportunities

Ongoing DEI Trainings

Kalamazoo College has agreed to continue training for faculty and staff relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The College conducts the annual summer ERACCE trainings as well as another year with the Freedom Lifted group surrounding Solidarity in Action, Justice at Work for Kalamazoo College.

KCIE Reading for Change

This collection of recommended books is available to all K College students, faculty, and staff looking to engage with antiracist ideas and practices. To access the material, you can visit the Reading for Change Guide.

19 Series

19 is aimed at educating the K community on African-American history and culture, and is brought to you by The Faculty Advisory Board of the Arcus Center for Social Justice leadership and the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Faculty team, as we continue to work towards being an anti-racist Institution.

19 marks 1619, the year in which the first set of African slaves were brought to what would become the United States, and June 19th, 1865, marks the day that Blacks celebrate the end of enslavement in the US. Both of these dates, and their meanings, were largely unknown to many outside of the Black community. We need to understand that much of the “surprise” experienced by many at the continued uprisings led by the Black lives Matter movement derives from a lack of knowledge of the rich fabric of Black History.

ARRK – AntiRacism Reading Knook

The AntiRacism Reading KnooK (#ARRK) is a collaboration between the K College library staff and our Inclusive Excellence (KCIE) leadership team. This initiative is NOT a book club, but seeks to facilitate campus-wide engagement with the books in the KCIE Reading for Change book collection. This collection was created to encourage learning about and facilitate greater access to antiracism information to all members of the campus community.

Black woman marching with protestors with a sign that reads, "in a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist #BLM"

Mini-Grant Opportunities

The 2021 Justice at Work and Inclusive Pedagogy trainings have led to some powerful ideas for how to move justice and inclusiveness forward at Kalamazoo College. To recognize staff and faculty work for more diversity, equity, and inclusivity, we are looking to support the inclusion and social justice projects you are working on or projects you envisioned last year but haven’t had the chance to get off the ground


Questions about CARE?

For questions relating to the KCIE CARE goal please contact Brittany Lui at