Still Celebrating Black History 2024 – Part 4

Dr. Robert Bullard

Did you enjoy the beautiful 61° weather yesterday? Unbelievable for February in Michigan, right? How are our strange weather patterns linked to climate change? What do you know about environmental and climate justice? This repost story was written by our Director of Environmental Studies, Dr. Binney Girdler, and is about Dr. Robert Bullard the “father of environmental studies.”

Celebrating Black History 2024 – Part 3

It’s been interesting to me to re-read these stories; history has a way of repeating… This week’s story is one about the highest court in the land [The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)] and its impact on the lives of people. Although written in March of 2022, it could have been written today with the monumental decisions that the Court will be making in a matter of weeks or months.

19: Asian & African American Solidarity

Protest sign reading "Together and Stronger."

This Month in Black History, May 2023 Asian & African American Solidarity authored by Dr. Fari Nzinga (editorial support from Dr. Regina Stevens-Truss) in 2022 Before I re-share this story, I would like to invite everyone to celebrate joy during Black Joy Week, May 30 – June 02, 2023.  We are planning several events throughout the week […]