19: Asian & African American Solidarity

Protest sign reading "Together and Stronger."

This Month in Black History, May 2023 Asian & African American Solidarity authored by Dr. Fari Nzinga (editorial support from Dr. Regina Stevens-Truss) in 2022 Before I re-share this story, I would like to invite everyone to celebrate joy during Black Joy Week, May 30 – June 02, 2023.  We are planning several events throughout the week […]

19: This Month in Black History – “Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial statue.

Happy MLK Day! Every January since 1986 we celebrate the legacy and death of this iconic figure in US History. We feel like we know EVERYTHING about this person. In fact, it was difficult for me to write 1000 words that could truly honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As I researched and thought about this story, you can imagine that I found tons of information…