Final ARRK Discussion for Fall 2021 – Teaching to Transgress

ARRK November 2021 Discussion with Tony Nelson

Participants restricted to Kalamazoo College Faculty, Staff, Students, and Administration

4:10 – 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 16th
ARRK Meeting space (MS Teams)
Discussion Leader: Tony Nelson

For the final ARRK this quarter we’ll be discussing bell hook’s chapter 4 “Paulo Freire” from Teaching to Transgress with Tony Nelson on Tuesday, November 16th at 4:10 p.m.

The AntiRacism Reading Knook (ARRK) is a collaboration between the K College library staff and our Inclusive Excellence (KCIE) leadership team. This initiative is NOT a book club, but seeks to facilitate campus-wide engagement with the books in the KCIE Reading for Change book collection. This collection was created to encourage learning about and facilitate greater access to antiracism information to all members of the campus community.

ARRK aims to:

  1. reduce barrier to entry into reading antiracism books,
  2. identify and highlight campus facilitators with experience teaching and/or disciplinary expertise who can provide context and guide discussions of specific texts,
  3. foster broader relationships among faculty and staff, and thus
  4. build greater capacity for an inclusive campus through sustained and focused engagement with shared texts.
  5. help catalyze members of the campus to engage in small group discussions of entire books in the collection (self-organized book clubs, if you will).

For further information on #ARRK see the KCIE AntiRacism Reading Knook page. To volunteer to lead one of these sessions complete the ARRK Discussion Leader application.